We've all read such stories from gurus. They run a routine stack, and they're pulling one-night stands with 9's and 10's every day of the week. However, after further reading, I could see that this Aaron Sleazy guy was really being honest in his stories. Of course, he got a lot of lays, but as an experienced guy who has been gaming for years, I could see that he was telling the truth.

How? Well, there are two reasons. Reason number one being that he admitted to playing a high numbers game. In some of the stories he admits that he had to approach every single girl in a venue before finding one that actually liked him. And reason number two being that he didn't use some kind of magical secret technique to get girls home and have sex with them. He simply sexually escalated until the girl either made it VERY clear that sex wasn't going to happen, or he actually ended up getting sex from said girl. And when I look back, some of the ways he got laid, were similar to the ways I got laid.

After reading the Sleazy Stories, I can see why a lot of guys have gotten behind this new guy on the scene. He's honest, and he makes it very clear why he gets laid. He approaches and sexually escalates until he can't do it anymore. There really is no secret.

In conclusion, should you give his e-book a look? It depends. If you're having trouble approaching women, then the Sleazy Stories probably aren't for you, as he doesn't quite make clear what is said during his initial approaches. However, if you are a guy looking for several examples of how to recoup after getting shut down by every available woman in a bar, or a guy that wants several examples of how to sexually escalate, even after getting shut down during the initial attempt (and several attempts later), then I would recommend giving his e-book a try.