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The Thunder Sky Winston battery is a high-power lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4?) battery. As the only LFP producer, Winston incorporates Yttrium to enhance the cell temperature flexibility as well as performance overall. A minimal lifetime of 2000 cycles with real experience showing up to 8000 cycles. Since 2017 a new production plant is running with an annual capacity of over 1 billion Ah. Winston Battery has become a world leader in lithium iron phosphate for electric power applications. Ranging from smaller 40Ah cells to large 10 000Ah single cells, you may find the Winston installed in submarines, Energy Storage Solutions (ESS), Electric buses, Yachts, Motorcycles, Bikes. We use these batteries for traction applications (electric vehicles, industrial, etc.). And also suitable for stationary batteries (off-grid, smart grid, stand-alone applications, etc.).
If you have any lithium battery needs, please contact me in time.
We have a lot of new battery products of good quality.https://www.lifepo4-battery.com/Products/Thundersky-Winston-Battery/
E-mail: evlithium_sales@163.com