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Adrian Says:
April 8th, 2010 at 10:43 pm
My ex broke up with me about a week ago she had her wisdom teeth out and was in a lot of pain as it got infected and i was there for her the whole time she couldnt do her assignments from university as she was too dizzy from the drugs this was stressing her out and i went round one morning and out of the blue she broke up with me she was not happy and she just said she cannot handle this at the moment and broke up with me. Now we have only been together for a short time but this girl is so alike to me we even have identical cars she is exactly what i ahve always wanted looks wise and she is the smartest girl i have ever come accross. Now to the point we had some space and she has now come to me asking to casually Date again i am more than happy to do this as i love her and do not want to lose her but am i getting in trouble by giving her what she wants she has no intentions of getting back together anytime soon due to travel and uni commitments but i think that if i stick in there and keep on seeing her our lvoe will grow stronger and then when she goes away for a month she will come back after missing me andmake a decision. Now her travel is 2 months away do you guys think im wasting my time as it will go back around or do you think i should keep seeing her and hope for the best in the long run as i am happy without the pressure of the GF/BF status for now

May 29th, 2010 at 12:04 am
After more than 5 years together,my ex and i went our own ways about a week ago..her reason being that she needs a breather,find new friends and that she feels relationship is tieing her down..Also that she feels there is no more spark,no chemistry between us and that everyday is a routine..I truely and sincerely love her and she told me she still loves me..She acknowleges that i am a good man..According to someone,she is not herself and looks sad now.
However my doubt is whether being totally GONE from her life,no contacts,no FB,no chatting is really the best way to go..I do not want her to mistook that i am done with her,yet i do not want to come in as too pushy and desperate.. Does giving SPACE W/O ANY CONTACT REALLY WORKS? Or does giving space but still showing your presence(but not too upfront),for eg we r still facebook friends and updating my wall etc, better?
Please i need your inputs and experience..

James Says:
June 19th, 2010 at 12:22 pm
Will some one help?
My ex and I broke up about a month ago, the reason was that she wanted me to be a more self dependent person and that I didnt do enough of the little things like getting her flowers and stuff like that. We’ve talked and went and got coffee for the first time since we broke up and it went really well. My questions should I wait for her to call and ask to meet up the next time? And any tips on how to get her back?? thanks for reading and please help!
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