When the Chrome web browser is offline and an individual attempts to navigate to websites, the web browser informs the customer that they are not attached to the Internet. An image of the "Lonely T-Rex" dinosaur is revealed at the top, designed by Sebastien Gabriel. Touching the dinosaur on Android or iphone or pushing the spacebar or ↑ on a desktop computer introduces the game. The video game can also be accessed by inputting chrome: dino or chrome: network-error/ -106 into the URL bar. Throughout gameplay, a running dinosaur steps from delegated ideal across a desert landscape, and also the gamer avoids approaching obstacles, consisting of cacti and Pteranodons, by jumping or ducking. Pressing a spacebar or ↑ will jump ↓ will elude (mobile users can only leap). As for gameplay advances, the rate of play boosts until the individual strikes an obstacle, triggering an instant video game over.

The video game begins with differently-sized cacti challenges, as well as once the gamer reaches 500 factors, pterodactyls flying at different heights likewise show up. At 600 factors, the game changes from black graphics on a white background to black graphics on blue history, representing a shift from day to night, with daytime skies graphics also ending up being nighttime sky graphics. Reaching a rating of 700 points will certainly change the color design back; the shades will certainly, after that, change backward and forward with factor landmarks of each 100 succeeding factors. The game was designed to reach its optimal rating after around 17 million years of play, of the length of time the Tyrannosaurus rex existed before it went extinct. Suppose a manager disables the dinosaur video game. In that case, an error message shows up when attempting to play the game, including a picture of a meteor heading in the direction of the dinosaur.

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